Couples Counselling

The chance of a 1st. marriage ending in divorce over a 40-year period is 67%

Relationship difficulties arise when either party is not getting their needs met in balance. This causes distress which of course has knock on effects for the other partner. This can become a downward spiral e.g. 1 partner does not have enough control at work, feels frustrated by a dictatorial manager, comes home stressed and irritable and then there is a row because they perceive the other partner taking control of their evening.

Ongoing stress can spill over into anger or lead to anxiety or depression.

Sometimes the problem originated with a traumatic event or a previous abusive relationship and the intense emotion around that is being triggered in the present.

The problems may be exacerbated by poor communication or poor conflict resolution.

 How Couples Therapy can help:

  • I might do an Emotional Needs Audit with both partners to identify how well needs are being met
  • Explore healthy ways that you can help your partner get their needs met in balance
  • Help you learn how to deal with conflict effectively
  • Help you learn how to communicate better as a couple
  • Enable you to understand the differences between the male and female brain and how that understanding relates to your situation
  • Help you manage your emotions (anger in particular) and learn to relax
  • Rehearsing successful changes through guided imagery
  • Explore strategies to keep your relationship on track