Phobias are an irrational, persistent, intense fear reaction to something – and it can be anything! The phobia will be accompanied by and instinctive compulsion to avoid the feared object or situation. Some phobias have evolved to ensure survival e.g. an instinctive fear of spiders. Other phobias can be learned (through conditioning) e.g. witnessing a mother’s fear of mice. They can also be the result of trauma, e.g. a dog phobia after being attacked by a dog or claustrophobia resulting from being trapped in a confined space.

Agoraphobia can develop from a series of untreated panic attacks, where the only safe place is perceived to be home.

Fear of flying is a common phobia which may arise from having gone through a frightening experience during a flight or imagining such a scenario (having watched a film or heard about an incident that happened to a friend). It can also be linked to claustrophobia – being in a confined cabin space, or the feeling of not being in control.

Phobias can seriously restrict people’s lives but Human Givens therapy offers a treatment (the Rewind technique) that works quickly to cure phobias.

I can help you to overcome phobias by using the Rewind Technique – a powerful and safe visualisation technique which:

  • Removes the intense fear from the phobic object or activity
  • Reprocesses associated traumatic memories so that they are no longer intensely emotional
  • This is often achievable in a single session, although a follow-up session is advised