When your Comfort Zone becomes a Prison

when your life feels like a prison and you need to break out

Ever felt you are stuck in a rut? Bored with the same old routine day in day out – same rituals each day at work, same issues over and over again, same TGIF feeling every Friday then the week-end goes by in a flash and you’ve done nothing really enjoyable, then same old Monday feeling and it all goes round. All very predictable.

We’ve all felt life could be more exciting, challenging, interesting, but let time drift by and not done anything to change it.

It’s a basic human need to want to feel secure and in control, but sometimes a safe routine can start to feel more like a prison – a life sentence of boredom.

When this happens, the desire for excitement might just spill over into driving too fast, taking risks, having an affair, getting high on drugs or alcohol.

If you recognise this scenario it might be time to tap into your creativity and start working away on a project that’s important to you.

Set yourself a new challenge. Maybe there is something you always wanted to do but life got in the way? Imagine yourself doing this and hold on to that dream. What is the first small step? Don’t think of all the reasons why not, just do it!

When babies take their first small step and fall down they get up and do it again. They don’t feel embarrassed or defeated, they feel excited and joyful to be learning something new and keep at it until they are fearlessly running and climbing.

Are you taking risks or so bored you feel tempted? Feel something is missing in your life and don’t know what to do about it ….. contact me if you need help with finding your way to escape your prison.

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